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ISO 37001:2016 pdf free

ISO 37001:2016 pdf free.Anti-bribery management systems一Requirements with guidance for use
The anti-bribery compliance function shall be adequately resourced and assigned to person(s) who have the appropriate competence, status, authority and independence.
The anti-bribery compliance function shall have direct and prompt access to the governing body (if any) and top management in the event that any issue or concern needs to be raised in relation to bribery or the anti-bribery management system.
Top management can assign some or all of the anti-bribery compliance function to persons external to the organization. If it does, top management shall ensure that specific personnel have responsibility for,and authority over, those externally assigned parts of the function.
Where top management delegates to personnel the authority for the making of decisions in relation to which there is more than a low risk of bribery, the organization shall establish and maintain a decision-making process or set of controls which requires that the decision process and the level of authority of the decision-maker(s) are appropriate and free of actual or potential conflicts of interest.
Top management shall ensure that these processes are reviewed periodically as part of its role and responsibility for implementation of, and compliance with, the anti-bribery management system outlinedin 5.3.1.
NOTE Delegation of decision-making does not exempt top management or the governing body (if any) of their duties and responsibilities as described in 5.1.1, 5.1.2 and 5.3.1, nor does it necessarily transfer to the delegated personnel potential legal responsibilities.
In relation to all positions which are exposed to more than a low bribery risk, as determined in the bribery risk assessment (see 4.5], and to the anti-bribery compliance function, the organization shall implement procedures which provide that:
a) due diligence (see 8.2) is conducted on persons before they are employed, and on personnel before they are transferred or promoted by the organization, to ascertain as far as is reasonable that it is appropriate to employ or redeploy them and that it is reasonable to believe that they will comply with the anti-bribery policy and anti-bribery management system requirements;
b) performance bonuses, performance targets and other incentivizing elements of remuneration are reviewed periodically to verify that there are reasonable safeguards in place to prevent them from encouraging bribery;ISO 37001 pdf free download.

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