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ISO 3691-6:2013 pdf free

ISO 3691-6:2013 pdf free.Industrial trucks一Safety requirements and verification
The following applies to the containers of trucks powered by LPG.
a) LPG containers shall be either permanently fixed to the truck or removable.
b) When LPG containers are removable, their fastenings shall permit easy handling and checking of the installation after the exchange of containers.
c) Removable LPG containers that incorporate a pressure relief valve shall be so positioned on the truck that the pressure relief valve opening is always in communication with the vapour space at the top of the container. This may be accomplished, for example, by an indexing pin which positions the container when the container is properly installed.
d) LPG containers shall be securely mounted to the truck to prevent movement. Fastening shall withstand static loading of four times the filled container weight in any direction without permanent visible deformation.
e) LPG containers shall be fitted on the truck such that exposure to abrasion, shock and the corrosive action of the products handled by the truck is reduced.
f) LPG containers and their connections shall be installed such that there are no projections outside the plan view outline of the truck.
g) If LPG containers are installed in a compartment, this compartment shall have permanent openings at the bottom. The total surface area of these ventilation openings shall be at least 200 cm2 allowing adequate ventilation to outside the truck.
h) If an additional LPG container is carried on the truck, it shall be secured in the same manner as the main container.
i) LPG containers, whether fixed or removable, shall be equipped with a device to prevent unintentional emission of gas or liquid, e.g. in the case of a pipe system failure. This does not apply to pressure-relief valves.
i) Pipe fttings and accessories on LPG containers shall be protected against mechanical damage when used as specified by the manufacturer.
k) The fuel take-off on the LPG container shall be equipped with an easily and quickly accessible manually operated valve. The position and method of operation of this valve shall be clearly marked on the valve handle or on the outside of the truck near the valve.ISO 3691-6 pdf download.

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