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ISO 34-2:2015 pdf free.Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic一Determination of tear strength
The number of laboratories on which precision data for each property is based is given in the tables of precision results (Tables A.2 to A.5). The number of participating laboratories as noted in these tables is the final number after identifying certain laboratory values as outliers. For the ITP held in 1989, only the total number of laboratories is known.
For both ITP, testing was conducted over a period of two sequential weeks. On a specified day in each of these four weeks, five (5) individual measurements were performed on the materials. The test result of each week is the median of the five individual measurements. All analysis was conducted on the basis of these test results.
Before any calibration is undertaken, the condition of the items to be calibrated shall be ascertained by inspection and recorded in any calibration report or certificate. It shall be reported whether calibration is carried out in the “as-received” condition or after rectification of any abnormality or fault.
It shall be ascertained that the apparatus is generally fit for the intended purpose, including any parameters specified as approximate and for which the apparatus does not therefore need to be formally calibrated. If such parameters are liable to change, then the need for periodic checks shall be written into the detailed calibration procedures.
Verification or calibration of the test apparatus is a mandatory part of this part of ISO 34. However, the frequency of calibration and the procedures used are, unless otherwise stated, at the discretion of the individual laboratory, using ISO 18899 for guidance.
The calibration schedule given in Table B.1 has been compiled by listing all of the parameters specified in the test method, together with the specified requirement. A parameter and requirement can relate to the main test apparatus, to part of that apparatus or to an ancillary apparatus necessary for the test.
For each parameter, a calibration procedure is indicated by reference to ISO 18899, to another publication or to a procedure particular to the test method which is detailed (whenever a calibration procedure which is more specific or detailed than that in ISO 18899 is available, it shalll be used in preference).
The code-letter S used in the calibration schedule indicates the standard interval as given in ISO 18899.ISO 34-2 pdf download.

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