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ISO 3310-2:2013 pdf free

ISO 3310-2:2013 pdf free.Test sieves一Technical requirements and testing
The manufacturer may provide a record card (see Annex A) with each new sieve, confirming that it has been inspected by the procedures described in 5.2. This card can be used subsequently to record the results of periodic tests and performance checks.
All certificates shall mention the manufacturer’s sieve serial number, date, and name or signature.
If no specific request has been made, the manufacturer shall provide a certificate of compliance stating that the test sieve has been inspected in accordance with 5.2 and found to be in compliance with this part of ISO 3310. This certificate may be combined with the test sieve record card (see 5.3.1 and Annex A).
The manufacturer may provide, at the specific request of the purchaser, a test sieve inspection certificate stating the test results for the average hole size. See Table 3, Column 2.
The manufacturer may provide, at the specific request of the purchaser, a test sieve calibration certificate stating the results of their assessment. Results shall be stated for the number of holes measured, the average hole size, the plate thickness, and pitch. See Table 3, Column 3.
It is recommended that the 200 mm round metal frame be used as far as possible.
Larger frames may be appropriate for larger quantities of material to be sieved and for hole sizes larger than 25 mm.
The shape and size of the test sieve frame have little effect on the results of the sieving operation (see ISO 2591-1). Sieves complete with a lid and receiver in a set shall be assembled so that escape of sample during a test sieving operation is prevented.
The frames shall be smoothly finished and they shall nest easily with other sieves, lids, and receivers of the same nominal frame size.
The seal of the perforated metal plate with the frame shall be so constructed as to prevent lodging of material to be sieved (see Figure 3).
The tolerances on test sieves of diameter 200 mm shall comply with Table 4.ISO 3310-2 pdf download.

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