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ISO 3297:2017 pdf free

ISO 3297:2017 pdf free.Information and documentation – International standard serial number (ISSN)
The key title is established or authenticated by the ISSN centre responsible for the registration of the continuing resource, in accordance with the rules given in the ISSN Manual.
The key title is derived from information appearing at the time of registration on the title page of resources having a title page or title page equivalent, or from the most complete information formally presented on resources lacking a title page. The title of the resource becomes the key title if this title is unique in the ISSN Register at the time of registration. If this title is not unique, the key title is the title of the resource, to which a qualifying term is added (such as name of issuing body, place and/or date of publication, edition statement or medium statement), in order to make the resulting key title unique.
All key titles are listed in the ISSN Register together with their ISSN. Key titles in non-roman alphabets shall be romanized according to ISO standards or, in the absence of ISO standards, national standards.
To enable the use of ISSN in cases where finding or linking to a continuing resource without regard to medium is desired, the ISSN Network shall designate a linking ISSN.
The linking ISSN shall be designated from among the ISSN assigned to the different media versions of a continuing resource. Further specifications regarding the linking ISSN are given in Annex C.
When a single continuing resource bears more than one ISSN in relation to different continuing resource titles, for example the titles of a main series and its subseries, each ISSN shall appear on the continuing resource and each shall be distinguished by either adding the full or abbreviated title in parentheses after the relevant number, or by printing each ISSN as close as possible to the relevant title.
When a continuing resource contains another continuing resource as an insert with a separate title page,the ISSN for the insert shall be printed on its title page, or in some other appropriate place on the insert.
When serials or other continuing resources are produced in different media for which different ISSN and key titles are assigned, the related ISSN may also be displayed on or in the serials or other continuing resources, each with additional, distinguishing information.ISO 3297 pdf download.

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