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ISO 3233-1:2013 pdf free

ISO 3233-1:2013 pdf free.Paints and varnishes – Determination of the percentage volume of non-volatile matter
Disc, about 60 mm in diameter and about 0,7 mm thick, with a small hole 2 mm to 3 mm from the edge.
NOTE A stainless-steel disc has been found satisfactory but has the disadvantage of having a density much in excess of normal liquid coatings. Discs of lighter material, including plastics, for example poly(ethylene terephthalate), are permitted provided they do not change in volume by contact with the solvents contained in the liquid coating, or during the heating and drying processes involved.
Plate, of size (75±5) mm by (120±5) mm, with a small hole 2 mm to 3 mm from the shorter side on the longitudinal axis of the panel.
Glass plates may be used as these are very flat. However, dilling a hole is difficult and therefore, if glass plates are used, they should preferably be suspended in a stirrup or cradle of thin wire (see Figure 2). The diameter of the wire shall not exceed 0,3 mm because of surface tension effects.
Plates of this size might be difficult to accommodate in a balance case. Smaller plates may therefore be used provided the coated area is no less than 5 600 mm2.
The choice of receptacle (disc or plate) will depend on the type of coating being measured. Discs should preferably be used for paints of low viscosity and paints which are thinned for spray application. Plates may be used for thixotropic and other coatings which can be drawn down with a doctor blade or for paints applied by dipping or by spin coating.
Dry the receptacle (5.2) and suspension hook (5.3) in the oven (5.8), if required, at the recommended temperature for 10 min, cool in the desiccator (5.7) and weigh the receptacle in air. Record this mass as m1.
Place in the beaker (5 4) sufficient of the liquid (5.6) to ensure that it will be at least 10 mm above the top of the suspended receptacle (see Figure 3). Indicate the level on the side of the beaker and check that this level is maintained throughout the determination. The temperature of the liquid should preferably be (23±1) °C.Suspend the receptacle in the liquid (see the note) and again weigh it. Record this mass as m2.
NOTE If water is used as the immersion liquid, 1 or 2 drops of a suitable wetting agent will help to ensure rapid and thorough wetting of the receptacle. ISO 3233-1 pdf download.

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