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ISO 3074:2014 pdf free

ISO 3074:2014 pdf free.Wool一Determination of dichloromethane-soluble matter in combed sliver
Once the appropriate specimen has been selected, it is then extracted in a Soxhlet extraction apparatus,using dichloromethane as the extraction solvent. The solvent is evaporated and both the residue and the extracted wool sample are oven-dried and weighed after cooling. The extractable matter is calculated by expressing the oven-dry mass of the residue as a percentage of the oven-dry mass of the extracted test specimen.
Precondition the laboratory sample as specified in ISO I39, and then bring it to constant mass by exposing it for not less than 24 h in the standard atmosphere for testing (see Clause 7).
In the standard atmosphere for testing, prepare two test specimens each of mass 10 g±0,5 g [use large scale-pan (6.3)]. For each duplicate test, introduce the test specimen into the Soxhlet barrel in such a way that the extract will not carry wool fibres into the siphon tube and that the level of the top of the test specimen is below that of the end of the siphon tube. A particle-free extract may be secured by one of the following methods:
a) Insert a glass wool plug at the bottom of the Soxhlet barrel, effectively covering the exit tube.
b) Pack the test specimen into a Soxhlet thimble covering with a loose plug of dichloromethane-extracted cotton wool.
c) Enclose the test specimen in fat-free filter paper (6.8).
If a water-bath (6.2) is used, heat it to approximately 45 °C. Assemble the flask and Soxhlet barrel. Pour into the barrel sufficient dichloromethane (5.1) to cause a first siphoning, together with a small excess.
Complete the assembly of the condenser, Soxhlet barrel, flask, and heating device. Check that all joints are tight. Adjust the heating so that satisfactory siphoning occurs at the rate of not less than 6 cycles per hour. Allow 20 to 24 siphonings, adding more dichloromethane if desired. Reject any test in which the siphoning does not function correctly.
Remove the Soxhlet apparatus (6.1) from the heat source. Remove the extracted test specimen from the barrel; allow it to air-dry in a fume cupboard.ISO 3074 pdf download.

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