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ISO 29461-1:2013 pdf free

ISO 29461-1:2013 pdf free.Air intake filter systems for rotary machinery一Test methods
The test rig (see Figure 1) consists of several square duct sections with typical 610 mm × 610 mm (24 in × 24 in) nominal inner dimensions except for the section where the filter is installed. This section has nominal inner dimensions between 616 mm (24,25 in) and 622 mm (24,50 in). The length of this duct section shall be at least 1,1 times the length of the filter, with a minimum length of 1 m, Figures 3 and 4. The filter must be within the section and must not protrude out of this section, either upstream or downstream. The test duct may need to have larger dimensions in cases when very large filters or integrated filter-system-element are to be tested. In those cases other dimensions are allowed as long as the qualification procedures described in Clause 7 are fulfilled. An example of a special (large) filter transition can be seen in Figure 5.
In case of circular cartridges, the test setup (mounting of the filters in the test duct) shall be as close to the real application as possible. In cases of large cylinders, a mounting plate with an additional hole for the air inlet/outlet can be sufficient. In terms of much smaller cylinders an additional transition could be inserted in the duct, Figure 6. This must however be analysed specifically for each construction, taking into consideration possible jetting effect that can affect the velocity and aerosol concentration in the test duct cross section.
The duct material shall be electrically conductive and electrically grounded, and shall have a smooth interior finish and be sufficiently rigid to maintain its shape at the operating pressure. Smaller parts of the test duct could be made in glass or similar material to see the filter and equipment. Provision of windows to allow monitoring of test progress is desirable.
To avoid turbulence, the mixing orifice and the perforated plate should be removed during the readings of pressure drop (initial and final) and test of particulate efficiency. To avoid systematic error, removal of these items during pressure drop measurements is recommended. The uniformity of air velocity and aerosol in the measurement cross section shall be ensured according to 7.2 and 73.
Section 5 may be used for both efficiency and dust loading measurements and is fitted with a final filter for the loading test and with the downstream sampling head for the particulate efficiency test. Section 5 could also be duplicated, allowing one part to be used for loading test and the other for the particulate efficiency test.ISO 29461-1 pdf free download.

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