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ISO 29022:2013 pdf free

ISO 29022:2013 pdf free.Dentistry – Adhesion 一Notched-edge shear bond strength test
Fix silicon carbide abrasive paper, complying with ISO 6344-1, to a hard, flat surface. No more than 4 h before the bonding procedure is planned, prepare a standard surface by a two-step sequential planing process under running water. First use P120 paper until a bonding area sufficient for placing a resin composite (composite) button with a diameter of 2,38 mm has been exposed, followed by P400 paper until the surface is even and smooth when visually inspected. For dentine, stop the grinding when superficial dentine is exposed. The median grit size for P1 20 abrasive paper is (125±1) μm and for P400 abrasive paper is (35±1) um. If abrasive papers of grit size P120 or P400 are not available, use abrasive papers with grit size as close as possible to 125 μm and 35 μm.
Grinding may be performed in an automatic grinding machine with rotating abrasive discs and running water. Use a mechanical fixture that orientates the abrasive paper perpendicular to the specimen. A suitable machine consists of a grinding mandrel with T-slot grinding plate. Alternatively, place the potted tooth into a fixture in a drill press (tooth orientated downwards), lower and press the rotating tooth against the abrasive paper on a motorized rotating lapidary wheel under running water.
In order to ensure correct alignment in the bonding and test fixtures, ensure that the ground surface is perpendicular to the sides of the potted tooth cylinder and that the top and bottom surfaces of the specimen are parallel. Discard potted ground teeth that have  erforations into the pulp chamber. Rinse the potted ground teeth well with water after grinding to remove any foreign matter (e.g. residual sandpaper grit).
Do not grind too deeply into the dentine or bond strength may be reduced. The amount of area exposed by grinding can be checked by briefly drying the tooth with air for easier visualization of the tooth surface and dentine area.ISO 29022 pdf download.

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