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ISO 28258:2013 pdf free

ISO 28258:2013 pdf free.Soil quality一Digital exchange of soil-related data
ISO 28258 is specifically made for the exchange of soil quality data. It does not deal with the nevertheless very common use and exchange data from other disciplines, like geotechnics, geo-information, or groundwater investigation and management.
Sometimes, soil data exchange is successful or not determined by the interpretation of the incoming data by the receiving system. Basically, the receiving system can only successfully interpret incoming data when the feature types described by the data and the parameters themselves are known prior to the data exchange.
To get a handle on the problem that a huge number of systems exist for the description of soils with different parameters, parameter names, and parameter value code lists, this International Standard defines a set of features with which soils are described and that is complete, i.e. cannot be extended within the framework of this International Standard.
If soil quality data defined according to this International Standard are combined with other kinds of data, the soil quality part shall be performed, using the XML namespace“ISO 28258″.
Additionally, very few, inherent properties of these features are defined as well. This feature catalogue enables the data receiving system to allocate any data to a known feature class.
The flexibility needed to consider soil-related data of various origins is maintained by not defining any other part of the soil description, i.e. the attributes for any of these features and一if needed一the list of their valid values (code lists). Instead, a structure is provided how to define them and how to relate to these definitions from data exchange files.
When exchanging data, the sender and receiver shall both refer to the same attribute parameters and code lists and interpret them in the same way. When pieces of data are exchanged, a reference should be made to its definition in a definition file; when a coded value is exchanged, a reference shall be made to the relevant code list using URN. For data exchange, a code list can be included completely or not at all.If included, the code list shall be provided as a separate file.ISO 28258 pdf download.

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