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ISO 2789:2013 pdf free

ISO 2789:2013 pdf free.Information and documentation – International library statistics
The pattern of library use in the physical library is changing. In spite of library resources and services becoming available everywhere and at any time, the library building has a continuing attraction. Surveys illustrate that a growing number of users visit the library for purposes other than borrowing media or otherwise using the collections. Books and other physical materials are becoming less relevant; there is a general trend of users bringing their own materials into the library.
The users come for face-to-face professional help, for learning and studying, for seeking information or inspiration, for Internet searches and to use the library as a meeting place, either for relaxation or for group working. Wireless access is increasingly offered in libraries, thus allowing users with their own devices to access digital materials and online resources from most areas in the library.Group work has become crucial for learning, therefore group working areas are increasingly offered.
In order to comply with user needs, libraries are opened for as long as possible, sometimes without any staff present. Self-service devices help to maintain important services, and access to the library is made possible by library cards serving as keys.
Today most libraries provide a lively and stimulating environment for their users, alongside quiet spaces for learning, reading, using audio-visual media or the Internet. In some districts with social problems the library may be the only safe and quiet place that students or pupils can find for studying or doing their homework.
The library is also an important meeting and communication centre, in many cases the main such centre, both in communities and in universities. Therefore, recreation and communication areas should be provided. The library’s activities in cultural life (exhibitions and other events with a literary, cultural or educational intent) add to the relevance of the library as physical place. ISO 2789 pdf download.

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