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ISO 26824:2013 pdf free

ISO 26824:2013 pdf free.Particle characterization of particulate systems一Vocabulary
ISO 26824 establishes a vocabulary of terms and definitions relevant to the particle characterization of particulate systems. It covers such fields as the representation of results of particle size analysis, the descriptive and quantitative representation of particle shape and morphology, sample preparation, specific surface area and porosity characterization and measurement methods including sedimentation, classification, acoustic methods, laser diffraction, dynamic light scattering, single particle light interaction methods, differential electrical mobility analysis and image analysis, in a size scale from nanometre to millimetre.
instrument that measures the particle number concentration of an aerosol
Note 1 to entry: The sizes of particles detected are usually smaller than several hundred nanometres and larger than a few nanometres.
Note 2 to entry: A CPC is one possible detector for use with a DEMC.
Note 3 to entry: In some cases, a condensation particle counter may be called a condensation nucleus counter (CNC). [SOURCE: IS0 15900:2009, 2.5.]
instrument parameter of a DEMC that defines the electrical mobility of aerosol particles that exit the DEMC in aerosol form, which may be defined by the geometry, aerosol and sheath air flow rates, and electrical field intensity
Note 1 to entry: Particles larger or smaller than the critical mobility migrate to an electrode or exit with the excess flow and do not exit from the DEMC in aerosol form.[SOURCE: IS0 15900:2009, 2.6.]
classifier that is able to select aerosol particles according to their electrical mobility and pass them to its exit
Note 1 to entry: A DEMC classifies aerosol particles by balancing the electrical force on each particle with its aerodynamic drag force in an electrical field. Classified particles are in a narrow range of electrical mobility determined by the operating conditions and physical dimensions of the DEMC, while they can have different sizes due to difference in the number of charges that they have. [SOURCE: IS0 15900:2009, 2.7]
system to measure the size distribution of submicrometre aerosol particles consisting of a DEMC, flow meters, a particle detector, interconnecting plumbing, a computer and suitable software [SOURCE: ISO 15900:2009, 2.8.]ISO 26824 pdf download.

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