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ISO 24076:2021 pdf free.Plastics一Polypropylene (PP)
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ISO 9113, Plastics一Polypropylene (PP) and propylene-copolymer thermoplastics – Determination of isotactic index
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percentage mass fraction of unextractable matter content in polypropylene, which cannot be extracted from polypropylene by boiling n-heptane
The sample is placed in LR-NMR. After electromagnetic equilibration in the static magnetic field of the NMR spectrometer and application of a 90° radio frequency pulse, the magnetization decay signal curve from the protons of the sample is recorded. The signal of the un-extractable matter in the sample drops much faster than that of extractable matter. In the signal curve, initial signal corresponds to the whole sample including the un-extractable and the extractable matter, and later slower dropping signal corresponds to the extractable matter in the sample. So, the magnetization decay signal and the isotactic index of the sample are related.
The isotactic index is either calculated from the ratio between the magnetization decay signal of the un-extractable part and the entire sample detected by a ratio probe (method A ratio method), or from the ratio between the magnetization decay signal of the extractable part and the mass of the sample-detected by an absolute probe (method B absolute method), using an appropriate calibration. The calibration curve is constructed using the magnetization decay signal and isotactic index determined by n-Heptane extraction method specified in ISO 9113.
Usual laboratory apparatus and glassware and, in particular, the following.ISO 24076 pdf download.

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