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ISO 23828:2013 pdf free

ISO 23828:2013 pdf free.Fuel cell road vehicles – Energy consumption measurement -Vehicles fuelled with compressed hydrogen
If the vehicle is fitted with a manually shifted gear box, gear shifting positions shall correspond to the regional test procedure (see Annex A, B, or C, for example). However, the shift positions should be selected and determined in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s specification.
If the vehicle has regenerative braking, the regenerative braking system shall be enabled for all dynamometer testing except where specified in chassis dynamometer conditions.
If the vehicle is tested on a single axle dynamometer and is equipped with systems such as an antilock braking system (ABS) or a traction control system (TCS), those systems can inadvertently interpret the non-movement of the set of wheels that are off the dynamometer as a malfunctioning system. If so, these systems shall be temporally disabled for adjustment to achieve normal operation of the remaining vehicle systems, including the regenerative braking system.
Depending on the region concerned, the appropriate procedure shall be followed from Annex A, B, or C.
Details and common procedures for each test mode are described below.
Vehicle preconditioning shall be carried out in accordance with the annex appropriate for the region. In the case of FCHEV, the RESS state of charge can be pre-adjusted by charging or discharging, to obtain a suitable energy difference in RESS between the start and the end of test.
The vehicle shall be soaked in accordance with the appropriate regional procedure prescribed in AnnexA, B, or C.
When the vehicle is brought into the test room, and moved during the test if necessary, it shall be pushed or towed (neither driven nor regenerative recharged). The test vehicle shall be set on the chassis dynamometer after the chassis dynamometer has warmed up just before the test. The vehicle shall not be activated during soak until right before starting the test.
For the measurement of hydrogen consumption, the test vehicle shall be driven on the chassis dynamometer in accordance with the ADT prescribed for the region (see Annex A, B, or C). The hydrogen consumption shall be measured by one of the methods described in Annex D, E, or F or by an alternative method that provides equivalent accuracy.ISO 23828 pdf download.

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