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ISO 23273:2013 pdf free

ISO 23273:2013 pdf free.Fuel cell road vehicles – Safety specifications – Protection against hydrogen hazards for vehicles fuelled with compressed hydrogen
All components and interconnecting piping and wiring shall be securely mounted or supported in the vehicle to minimize damage and prevent leakage and/or malfunction.
Components shall be located within the vehicle to reduce the possibility of accidental damage, unless the components are adequately protected and no part of the component lies outside of the protective structure.
Fuel pipes shall be located and protected in such a way that no damage can be caused by vehicle vibrations under normal operational conditions as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
The vehicle design for all fuel system exhausts, purges, vents, and other discharges that occur during normal operation of the vehicle shall prevent hydrogen-related hazardous conditions. All normal operating modes including start, run, stop, and off (parked) should be considered in these requirements.
Discharges into all vehicle compartments under normal operation and single-failure conditions shall not lead to any hazardous conditions.
In areas of contemplated use, such as outdoors, mechanically ventilated buildings and structures, and non-mechanically ventilated residential garages, legal requirements shall be met. Normal discharges from the vehicle to the outside shall be non-flammable.
NOTE Guidance relative to evaluating vehicles for commonly contemplated situations such as driving outdoors, idling the vehicle in commercial buildings, and parking in a residential garage is provided in SAE J2578.
Discharges from the PRD shall be vented to the outside of the vehicle, and shall be protected as well as all associated piping and outlet, such that functionality is not compromised due to flow restrictions.
The release of hydrogen from traction batteries shall not lead to any hazardous conditions.
Complementary to the requirements in Clause 5, protection for persons and the environment inside and outside the vehicle against hydrogen-related hazards may be achieved by the following procedure. This procedure may also be applied instead of the requirements in Clause 5, resulting in requirements more specific to the conditions of a given fuel cell vehicle design.
NOTE Such approach is applied to vehicle electronic systems in several ECE Regulations (R13, R79).ISO 23273 pdf download.

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