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ISO 2286-2:2016 pdf free

ISO 2286-2:2016 pdf free.Rubber-or plastics-coated fabrics – Determination of roll characteristics
The procedure specified for removing the coating from the substrate cloth is governed both by the nature of the coating and by the nature of the substrate, and indeed for some types of coating there will be no known method of removal. Where this is the case, it shall be reported in the test report.
The coating is removed with a stripping agent from the same test pieces as were used for the determination of the total mass per unit area. The stripped test pieces are dried, conditioned and weighed. The procedure is repeated until constant mass is reached.
Suitable solvent system (stripping agent), which has no solvent or chemical action on the substrate. Particular care shall be taken if there are bonding agents or finishing treatments on the substrate which are not essentially part of the coating but which might be removed with it [e.g. bonding agents in nonwoven (bonded-fibre) fabrics, rot-proofing agents, etc.]. If it is known or suspected that such an agent has unavoidably been removed with the coating, this shall be reported in the test report.
NOTE A suitable solvent system can be an organic solvent, a mixture of organic solvents, water or an aqueous solution (see Annex A).
Dissolve the coating from each test piece separately. In many cases, the bulk of the coating may be successfully removed mechanically after moistening the substrate with the stripping agent. Use either Soxhlet extraction where appropriate or immerse the test pieces with occasional agitation in at least three successive portions of the solvent at an appropriate temperature until the coating has apparently been completely removed. Ensure at this stage and subsequent stages that any loose threads are retained with the test pieces. If the stripping agent used is itself a solution containing non-volatile components,wash the test pieces several times in a suitable pure solvent.ISO 2286-2 pdf download.

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