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ISO 22854:2014 pdf free

ISO 22854:2014 pdf free.Liquid petroleum products一Determination of hydrocarbon types and oxygenates in automotive-motor gasoline and in ethanol (E85) automotive fuel
The mass concentration of each detected compound or hydrocarbon group is determined by the application of relative response factors (see 9.2) to the area of the detected peaks, followed by normalization to 100 %. For automotive motor gasoline samples containing oxygenates that cannot be determined by this test method, the hydrocarbon results are normalized to 100 % minus the value of oxygenates as determined by another method. The liquid volume concentration of each detected compound or hydrocarbon group is determined by the application of density values (see 9.3) to the calculated mass concentration of the detected peaks followed by normalization to 100 %.
IMPORTANT一It is essential to the correct execution of the method that great care be taken to ensure that all compounds are correctly identified. This is especially true for the identification of oxygen – containing compounds because of their wide range of response factors. It is, therefore,highly recommended for correct identification to verify possibly unknown oxygenates using a reference mixture that contains these pure compounds.
After this analysis, the automotive motor gasoline is separated into hydrocarbon groups and then by carbon number. By the use of the corresponding relative response factors, the mass distributions of the groups in the automotive motor gasoline sample can be calculated.
Run the reference solution (5.3) and check for correct instrument parameters, cutting times and grouping times. If they are not correct, adjust the apparatus to the manufacturer’s recommendations and rerun the reference solution.
Attention should be paid to components, such as benzene, olefins and oxygenates, that are near the boundaries of separation on the group-selective columns. Care should be taken to accurately identify the oxygen-containing compounds. It is recommended to verify the identity of possible oxygenates using a reference material that contains the pure component of interest. Annex B shows several chromatograms specifically for oxygenate compounds, providing evidence of their elution times and possible interferences.ISO 22854 pdf free download.

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