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ISO 2285:2013 pdf free

ISO 2285:2013 pdf free.Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic
Straining device, consisting ofa metal rod or other suitable guide ftted with pairs of holders, one fixed and one moveable, for the ends of the test piece. The holders shall be in the form of self-tightening clamps for strip test pieces, in the form of jaws to hold tab (enlarged) ends, and in the form of flat pulleys of about 5 mm width and 10 mm diameter for ring test pieces.
If so desired, a means of operating the moving holder other than by hand may be provided, for example a threaded rod. Suitable stops or graduations may also be provided to avoid over-extension in the initial straining of the test piece.
The straining device shall be so designed that, when used at high temperatures in an oven, it can be placed with the reference length of the test piece perpendicular to the direction of the air flow. It shall also be of minimum mass in order to avoid excessive lag in the attainment of temperature equilibrium
after its introduction into the oven.
A multiple-unit straining device may be used, provided that the foregoing requirements are met.
Oven, conforming to the requirements of ISO 188 (if the test is to be carried out at a temperature above the standard laboratory temperature). For short heating times, controlled air flow is not necessary.
Length-measuring device, capable of measuring the reference length of the test piece to the nearest 0,1 mm.
For strip test pieces, a marker shall be provided to mark the length used as the reference length.
For ring test pieces, the reference length may be the inner diameter of the ring, in which case a graduated cone allowing measurements to be made to the nearest0,1 mm shall be used. Alternatively, if measurements are to be made on a straight reference length, a rigid channel, 3,5 mm deep and 20 mm wide for large ring test pieces and 1,75 mm deep and 10 mm wide for small ring test pieces, shall be provided for straightening portions of such test pieces during marking and measuring of the reference length.ISO 2285 pdf download.

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