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ISO 22649:2016 pdf free

ISO 22649:2016 pdf free.Footwear – Test methods for insoles and insocks – Water absorption and desorption
Platform (C) is covered, with a roughened upper surface and with sufficient perforations to allow the surface to be kept wet by a flow of water through the platform. The upper surface of the platform (C) is covered, by a strip of cotton gauze.
Clamp (D), to hold one short side of the test piece (B) in a horizontal position on the platform (C).
Clamp (E), to attach the other short side of the test piece to the roller with the attached side being parallel to the axis of the roller.
The clamp is held by a weak spring to maintain the sample under slight tension.
Water supply (F), through the platform (C) and a means of draining away excess water.
Means of moving the axis of the roller, with a to-and-fro motion along the X-X-axis, with an amplitude of (50±2) mm about a point directly over the mid point of the test piece and frequency of (20±1) cycles per minute.
The movement of the axis causes the roller to move backwards and forwards along the test piece,raising one end and bending it to conform to the shape of the roller.
Measure (4.1.6) the length and the width of the test piece in millimetres to the nearest 0,2 mm. Calculate the area, A, in square metres.
Weigh the test piece (4.1.1) to the nearest 0,001 g, and record its mass, Mo.
Place the test piece in distilled water conditioned according to ISO 18454 for 6 h. Then, remove it, dry off any remaining drops of water using filter paper and reweigh it, recording its mass, Mp.The temperature of the test shall be (20±2)℃.
On completion of the test specified in 6.1.1, condition the test piece for 16 h according to ISO 18454 and then reweigh it (4.1.1), recording its mass, MR.ISO 22649 pdf free download.

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