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ISO 22477-4:2018 pdf free

ISO 22477-4:2018 pdf free.Geotechnical investigation and testing一Testing of geotechnical structures
If information on the ultimate measured compressive resistance of the pile is one of the aims of the test,the equipment shall have enough capacity to reach the ultimate measured compressive resistance and mobilize adequate settlement under dynamic loading with a single or a sequence of single blows.
The maximum pile load during a dynamic load test required to determine the ultimate measured compressive resistance can exceed the design compressive static resistance. The need to apply such high loads shall be considered when specifying equipment and pile materials.
If for a dynamic load test, one or more of the requirements in this document is not met; it should be proven that this shortcoming has no influence on the achievement of the objectives of the test, before the results can be interpreted as a dynamic load test.
Dynamic load testing systems rely on a mass to apply load to the head of the pile. This is either as part of a pile driving hammer referred to as an impact driving system or by dropping a mass, referred to as a drop mass system. Dynamic load testing can be undertaken during pile installation of precast concrete piles or steel piles (displacement piles) when driving with a hammer. Drop mass systems are used for the testing of cast-in-situ piles (bored piles, continuous flight auger or other cast-in-situ piles) or testing associated with re-driving. The type of load application used during testing can depend on several factors including the availability of pile installation or loading equipment and the phase of the construction project.
Three types of dynamic pile tests are given in EN1997-1:2004+A1:2013 which relate to the type of measurements and analysis undertaken and are referred to as dynamic impact tests, pile driving formula and wave equation analysis. These together with the multi-blow dynamic testing technique are presented in more detail in the annexes. The measurements taken, equipment and information required for a dynamic load test will be dependent on the specific dynamic load test being undertaken.ISO 22477-4 pdf download.

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