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ISO 22400-1:2014 pdf free

ISO 22400-1:2014 pdf free.Automation systems and integration一Key performance indicators (KPIs) for manufacturing operations
A good KPI has certain criteria which ensure its usefulness in achieving various goals in the manufacturing operation. The criteria are listed below, along with the process for performing each individual measurement.
a) Aligned: the KPI is aligned to the degree to which the KPI affects change in relevant higher-level KPIs, where alignment implies a high ratio of the percent improvement (assuming positive impact) in important higher-level metrics to the percent improvement in a KPI (or KPI set), given no other changes in the system.
b) Balanced: the extent to which a KPI is balanced within its chosen set of KPIs.
c) Standardized: the KPI is standardized to the extent to which a standard for the KPI exists and that standard is correct, complete, and unambiguous; the standard can be plant-wide, corporate-wide,or industry-wide.
d) Valid: the KPI is valid to the extent of the syntactic (i.e. grammar) and semantic (i.e. meaning) compliance between the operational definition of the KPI and the standard definition. If no standard exists, then validity is zero.
e) Quantifiable: the KPI is quantifiable to the extent to which the value of the KPI can be numerically specified; there is no penalty for the presence of uncertainty, as long as the uncertainty can also be quantified.
f) Accurate: the KPI is accurate to the extent to which the measured value of the KPI is close to the true value, where a departure from the true value can be affected by poor data quality, poor accessibility to the measurement location, or the presence of substandard measurement devices and methods.
g) Timely: the KPI is timely to the extent it is computed and accessible in real-time, where real-time depends on the operational context.
h) Predictive: the KPI is predictive to extent to whicha KPI is able to predict non-steady-state operations.
i) Actionable: the KPI is actionable to the extent to which a team responsible for the KPI has the knowledge, ability, and authority to improve the actual value of the KPI within their own process.
j) Trackable: the KPI is trackable to the extent to which the appropriate steps to take to fix a problem are known, documented, and accessible, where the particular problem is indicated by particular values or temporal trends of the KPI.ISO 22400-1 pdf free download.

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