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ISO 22322:2015 pdf free

ISO 22322:2015 pdf free.Societal security一Emergency management一Guidelines for public warning
The organization should identify the individual or group responsible for authorizing public warning in accordance with national or local regulations or the organization’s own responsibility structure.
Authorization should be based on the requirements of the public warning policy and objectives and the input from the hazard monitoring function and warning dissemination function, as well as other relevant sources. A trained and nominated individual or group of individuals should be assigned to use hazard monitoring information to make timely, relevant, and accurate decisions about public warning dissemination.
The organization should identify objectives for the public warning system based on the public warning policy. These objectives should be considered when using the information from the hazard monitoring function to identify the people at risk and the potential impact of an incident on an area.
The organization should implement a public warning process in accordance with Clause 5.
The organization should establish effective interorganizational cooperation and coordination between the hazard monitoring function and warning dissemination function, as well as among other relevant interested parties including community groups.
All operational activities within the public warning process should be logged in a retrievable format in accordance with data privacy and data protection regulations.
The organization should evaluate the performance of hazard monitoring and warning dissemination functions on a regular basis. The findings from the evaluation should be used to identify potential improvements.
Evaluation processes should be conducted at regular intervals not exceeding five years.
The warning dissemination function should evaluate the content and timeliness of notifications and alerts, as well as the choice of communication channels.
Evaluation processes should be activated whenever the people at risk have not taken the expected safety actions.
Public warning should consider the human factors that influence the effectiveness of safety actions to be taken by people at risk. It should ensure equal access to warning information and alerts and that the information received is understandable so that the people at risk including those with diverse social and cultural needs can respond as expected and take the appropriate action.
NOTE Human factors are the scientific discipline addressing human characteristics including biomedical,psychological, and psychosocial characteristics. It includes principles and applications in the personnel selection areas, tools for job performance, and human performance evaluation.ISO 22322 pdf download.

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