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ISO 21572:2013 pdf free

ISO 21572:2013 pdf free.Foodstuffs – Molecular biomarker analysis一Protein-based methods
Storage conditions and shelf-life of lateral flow strips, antibodies, conjugates, substrates, etc. shall be clearly specified by the provider.
Use appropriate laboratory equipment with low protein binding capacity (e.g. polypropylene tubes) to prevent protein adsorption during the whole procedure.
For the use of this International Standard, general requirements of quality assurance for laboratories shall be observed (e.g. concerning calibration of apparatus, double determination, blanks, use of reference materials, preparation of calibration curves). Carefully clean all equipment coming into direct contact with the sample to prevent contamination. See ISO/IEC 17025 for more information.
Once a representative sample is obtained, specific sample preparation procedures may be found in the annexes.
Grind samples as specified in the method before test portions are taken, if necessary. Powders/flour might have swelling properties and may require more extraction solution if a manufacturer’s method does not specify this information. If the sample is not immediately used, follow your laboratory’s procedure for storage (e.g. -20 °C or below).
Laboratory samples containing high amounts of fat may be nonhomogeneous and a larger test sample should be extracted. If applicable, instructions may be found in the annexes.
Weigh an appropriate amount (as specified in the relevant annex) of a representative test sample for analysis to create a test portion for extraction. Add extraction solution and homogenize or mix.
Use an extraction procedure suitable for the matrix. Details of appropriate conditions for the extraction/dilution of the test portions, controls and reference materials are provided in Annex A for ELISA and Annex B for lateral flow strips. Care should be taken to use extraction procedures validated for the matrix. Extracted samples should be immediately used or treated as specified in the procedure for storage.
For the preparation of calibration curves, positive controls and reference materials for Annex A, it is recommended to use matrix matched reference materials or reference materials that have been validated for the matrix. Calibration curves are not routinely required for qualitative application such as lateral flow strips, however, positive and negative controls can be prepared at the discretion of the analyst.ISO 21572 pdf download.

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