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ISO 21007-2:2015 pdf free.Gas cylinders一Identification and marking using radio frequency identification technology
The data element construct determined in this part of ISO 21007 is an “enabling” structure. It is designed to accommodate within its framework, data element constructs for a variety of GC applications,from simple GC identification to more complex transactions with a wide variety of uses, and to allow combinations of data elements to be used in a composite data construct. It is designed to allow as much interoperability of the data elements within an electronic data interchange/electronic data transfer (EDI/EDT) environment as is possible and has to provide a capability for a significant expansion of the
number of GC applications in the future.
This part of ISO 21007 takes cognizance of and accommodates the operation of systems of different capabilities and will enable within its structure the interoperability of one transponder in any country, even though the operator systems themselves may be significantly different, so long as there is a common air interface (at reference point Delta) and protocol. Even where information has to be collected by a separate interrogator because air carrier compatibility does not exist, the data once collected is in a commonly interoperable format and so may be used accurately and effectively within an EDI/EDT environment.
The data element structure defined in this part of ISO 21007 specifies the general presentation rules for transfer of ASN.1 data schemes. It is also the purpose of this part of ISO 21007 to determine how ASN.1 will be used for data transmission in GC applications.
Excluding transfers in a predefined context, the first level of identification required in ASN.1 messages identifies the context of the message. This part of ISO 21007 determines that in GC applications this is achieved by using an object identifier that shall be determined in accordance with an arc determined in
ISO/IEC 8824-1:2008, Annex B.
The objective of this part of ISO 21007 is therefore to establish a basis where the message can always be identified simply by reference to the relevant standard and without the requirement of central registration authorities (except where those are specifically required in the referred-to document).ISO 21007-2 pdf download.

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