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ISO 20383:2017 pdf free

ISO 20383:2017 pdf free.Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry – Speed Identification Sign (SIS)
maximum ground speed for which the vehicle, towed or semi mounted equipment has been designed,in its original equipment configuration, giving due consideration to requirements on tire capacity,tracking, stability, braking and other related factors
Note 1 to entry: Specified ground speeds for self- propelled equipment shall be with the largest rolling diameter tires available as original equipment, and at the maximum rated engine speed in the top transmission gear or speed range as specified by the original equipment manufacturer.
sign or emblem, displayed on the equipment or vehicle, used to designate the maximum specified ground speed for which a vehicle or towed machine has been designed to operate
The text centred below the specified ground speed number shall be the units of measure for the speed. The units shall be either in km/h or mile/h as appropriate for the intended market.
The grouping of the number specified in 4.4 and the text specified in 4.5 shall be approximately centered with the field.
Material of equal specifications shall be exposed to the sun for a minimum test period of 24 months outside in humid sub-tropical ([Ca) natural climatic conditions, at an angle of 45° to horizontal facing upward and towards the equator, as per ISO 2810. After exterior durability testing, the material shall show no cracking, crazing, blistering, loss of adhesion, or dimensional change.
Material shall be applied with a pressure sensitive adhesive having a minimum adhesive value of 5,5 N/cm width, when pulled at the rate of 30,5 cm/min at 180。angle. The adhesion test shall be performed as specified in ISO 29862:2007, Test Method 1.
NOTE For the adhesion test, ASTM D3330/D3330M and PSTC 101 can be considered equivalent to ISO 29862:2007.
The sign shall be unobscured to the extent that the circular shape is readily identifiable both day and night. The preferred mounting is to the right of the centreline of the agricultural vehicle.
Only the SIS on the rearmost machine of combinations of the towed equipment need be visible from behind.
A forward facing SIS may be used as a means of informing the operator of the towing machine of the specified ground speed of the towed machine. If used, it shall be mounted on the towed machine in a position that is readable from the operator’s platform of the towing machine.ISO 20383 pdf free download.

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