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ISO 20380:2017 pdf free

ISO 20380:2017 pdf free.Public swimming pools一Computer vision systems for the detection of drowning accidents in swimming pools
A technical drawing of the pool basin(s) shall be provided in order to show the areas of coverage and non-coverage by the computer vision system. The pool basin area(s) covered shall be clearly identified.The technical study shall make it possible to optimize the performances for the system when in operation. The factors to consider are:
一the general swimming pool architecture (layout and potential effect on the swimming pool of bay windows and lightwells, etc);
一the pool basin dimensions (shape, gradient, minimum depth and maximum depth);
一the texture and colour of the pool basin lining e.g. tiling, stainless steel, PVC, resin);
一the specific equipment (moveable floor, moveable bulkhead, wave machine and all equipment able to generate water movements);
一maximum instantaneous frequency of use of the swimming pool;
一the water clarity;
一the swimming pool attractions e.g. waterslide);
一the alarm reception coverage area of mobile devices.
The technical study shall be part of the contract between the supplier and the responsible parties (e.g.swimming pool operator).
The areas covered by the computer vision system shall be compliant with the technical study carried out before system installation. Each trained staff shall be aware of these areas.
The computer vision system shall make it possible to temporarily create basin areas in which detection is disabled in order to be able to manage specific activities, such as rescue drills or immersion of training equipment. The trained staff shall be able to frely define these areas in order to temporarily deactivate the alarm. The trained staff shall determine the duration of non-detection for each zone created. Detection shall be reactivated automatically when the time has expired. The computer vision system interface shall permanently indicate the position of these zones while they are activated. The trained staff shall be able to change the non-detection settings (zone and duration) at any time.ISO 20380 pdf download.

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