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ISO 20188:2018 pdf free

ISO 20188:2018 pdf free.Space systems – Product assurance requirements for commercial satellites
As part of the PA program, the contractor shall document and maintain an effective and timely quality assurance program in accordance with ISO 27025 or equivalent standards (e.g. Reference [29]), which will be planned in conjunction with other project functions. Quality program shall be implemented in a manner which permits the detection and correction of deficiencies and other associated non-compliances at the earliest practical point. Inclusion of provisions for ascertaining product quality from procurement through fabrication and testing, and the delivery of the completed deliverable system,as well as launch activities, shall be incorporated. Quality assurance program shall provide recorded evidence of quality in the form of inspection and test results as well as systematic audit findings.This record shall be documented in sufficient detail, accuracy and completeness to permit analysis.Records of detected discrepancies shall include root causes and corrective actions implemented as remedy. This record shall be made readily available for review by customer’s representative upon request. Subcontractor quality reports will be reviewed at subcontractor’s sites when not available at contractor’s site.
Contractor shall convene equipment qualification status review (EQSR) to verify qualification status of heritage designs with mission requirements. These reviews shall be held at the beginning of the project after categorization of equipment has been determined according to the categories defined in 7.12. The EQSR shall assess qualification status of equipment with particular attention given to any possible design and process changes since the last qualification and to mission-specific requirements. When mutually agreed, the requirement for a unit PDR and/or CDR may be waived by customer in exchange of delivery of a data package and holding an EQSR with mutually acceptable contents. Qualification or proto-flight test reports, and qualification by similarity reports shall be provided to customer in accordance with the applicable sow.ISO 20188 pdf free download.

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