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ISO 19364:2016 pdf free

ISO 19364:2016 pdf free.Passenger cars一Vehicle dynamic simulation and validation一Steady-state circular driving behaviour
Open-loop test methods defined in ISO 4138 are used to determine the steady-state circular driving behaviour of passenger cars as defined in ISO 3833.
The test characterizes vehicle-handling behaviour in steady-state conditions covering a range of cornering conditions from straight-line up to limit conditions for steering control. Results are typically reported by cross plotting steady-state measures of variables of interest against steady-state levels of lateral acceleration, and possibly calculating characteristic values based on gradients of the plotted data.
Within this document, the purpose of the test is to demonstrate that a vehicle simulation tool can predict the vehicle behaviour within specified tolerances. The vehicle simulation tool is used to simulate a specific existing vehicle running through a steady-state test as specified in ISO 4138, or, alternatively,a Slowly Increasing Steer Test used in stability control evaluation. Simulation results are used to define graphical boundaries for overlaid cross-plots, and the data from physical testing are overlaid to see if the measurements fall within the acceptable ranges.
NOTE This document may be used for several purposes. Depending on the purpose of the validation, only parts of the validation requirements may be met.
The existing vehicle is physically tested at least three times to allow the test data to be compared with the simulation results.
The simulation tool used to predict behaviour of a vehicle of interest shall include a mathematical model capable of calculating variables of interest for the test procedures being simulated. In this document,the mathematical model is used to simulate a steady-state cornering manoeuvres (see 7.2) and provide calculated values of the variables of interest from Clause 5.
The procedure for obtaining input data from experiments may differ for simulation tools, however, the input data shall not be manipulated for better correlation. However, adaptation of input data to actual testing conditions such as road friction should be allowed.
NOTE Active controllers and active intervention systems that prevent a steady-state condition from being established are not relevant for the tests covered in this document.ISO 19364 pdf free.

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