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ISO 19242:2015 pdf free

ISO 19242:2015 pdf free.Rubber一Determination of total sulfur content by ion chromatography
A test piece is burnt in the presence of oxygen in a flask. The sulfur in the test piece is oxidized to sulfur dioxide, which is absorbed into hydrogen peroxide solution and converted to sulfuric acid.
The sulfate from either the tubular furnace combustion or the oxygen combustion flask method is quantitatively analysed by ion chromatography, and the result is converted to the total sulfur content of the original rubber sample.
Use only reagents of recognized analytical grade and only water as specified in 4.1. The reagents for the tubular furnace combustion method are given in A.2. The reagents for the oxygen combustion flask method are given in B.2.
Insert a rubber tube into the flask and purge it with oxygen for 10 s to 60 s. Remove the rubber tube. Place the platinum sample basket (B.5.3) with the filter paper inside the flask as quickly as possible.If a flask equipped with an oxygen inlet tube is used, place the basket before purging.
When using an electrical ignition apparatus, attach the flask to the proper connections to electrify the platinum sample basket. When using an infrared ignition apparatus, place the flask with the paper extension in line with the focal point to ignite it. Complete the combustion.
Leave the flask at the ambient temperature for 30 min or cool down in ice water for 1 min to 3 min after the combustion is complete.
Add 10 cm3 of water into the flask. Stand the flask for 30 min to allow the gases to be absorbed by the absorbent solution. Use a stirrer if necessary.
Move the solution in the flask to a volumetric flask of 50 cm3 (V) and adjust the amount to a constant volume for the sample solution for ion chromatography analysis.
If necessary filter out particulate matter in the sample solution (B.5.8) with a membranous filter (B.2.4), before injecting it into the ion chromatograph. To avoid possible contamination from the membranous filter, wash the membranous filter with a small quantity of the sample solution and discard the washes before filtering.ISO 19242 pdf download.

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