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ISO 19154:2014 pdf free

ISO 19154:2014 pdf free.Geographic information一Ubiquitous public access一Reference model
Public access to geographic information implies easy or open access to geographic information sources and/or services by general public users and professional users alike. Greater emphasis is placed on the ease-of-use of geographic information services for the general public.
This International Standard presents the following two concepts to clarify the degree of public access required for UPA-to-GI systems.
a) Universal representation refers to any request from a user for any type of geographic information service (an LBS request, map display, etc] and implies that the request shall be unambiguously specified, without requiring the details of the underlying structures or abstraction models, using the universal feature model defined in ISO 19109.
b) Linked open geodata refers to publicly available open geographic data and information sources.The reference model defined in this International Standard identifies areas in which there are further standards for public access to geographic information sources through the Linking Open GeoData framework.
As specified in this reference model, UPA-to-GI services infer and extract the geographical context of various types of non-geographic information embedded with geospatial semantics.This reference model also provides a framework for an open access environment to enable the linking of geographic data, including data from other sources, along with those produced by the users. The result of this linking will facilitate easy and seamless access to geographic information services regardless of a user’s computing environment.
The reference model defined in this International Standard specifies a conceptual framework clarifying how the domain of ubiquitous computing and geographic information are interconnected through a logical environment for a set of applications and processed within each domain.Figure 2 ilustrates a conceptual framework where varied implicit geographic information of a user retrieved from a ubiquitous computing infrastructure can be effectively processed by different geographic information services defined within a UPA-to-GI system.ISO 19154 pdf download.

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