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ISO 19027:2016 pdf free

ISO 19027:2016 pdf free.Design principles for communication support board using pictorial symbols
ISO 19027 specifies basic configurations for communication support boards, which are necessary to facilitate communication. A variety of communication support boards can be designed for specific communication purposes.
This International Standard specifies basic elements common to different types of formats/media, such as simple boards, book style or digital media. This International Standard does not regulate any specific design or any specific pictorial symbols for communication support boards.
As for design principles of pictorial symbols, this International Standard introduces examples of design principles applicable when designing and developing pictorial symbols.
NOTE Examples of basic pattern used to create pictorial symbols are shown in Annex A. Examples of communication support boards using pictorial sy mbols are shown in Annexes B and C.
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
visually perceptible figure with a particular meaning used to transmit information independently of:language [SOURCE: ISO 17724:2003]
When text is needed, it should be written in the official language/ languages of the country. In order to facilitate the usage of a communication support board, text could be translated in English. In case of using multi-languages, it should be limited to four languages on a single board.
In digital media, change of multiple languages should be realized by changing screen or configuration.
1) Framing pictorial symbols within the same category in one box should be distinguished from other information (e.g. text or symbols) and arranged sequentially.
2) In order to make each symbol clear and recognizable, the number of pictorial symbols should be appropriate according to size of formats/media.
NOTE Examples are shown in Figure C.4.
3) Pictorial symbols, regarding safety and emergency, which have high priority, should be arranged in the uppermost section of a communication support board.
4) Combination of pictorial symbols and graphical symbols can be used.
5) Combination of pictorial symbols, photos and illustrations can be used.
6) Animation features can be used in digital media.
7) Pictorial symbols to indicate common answers and phrases on individual boards, such as ‘Yes’,’No’ and ‘No idea’, should be placed to facilitate conversation.
NOTE Examples of combination of pictorial symbols, photos and illustrations are given in Annex B.ISO 19027 pdf download.

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