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ISO 18846:2016 pdf free

ISO 18846:2016 pdf free.Solid biofuels一Determination of fines content in samples of pellets
The laboratory sample used for the determination of the fines content shall be obtained in accordance with ISO 18135. The sampling strategy shall be such that special provisions are taken regarding the tendency for stratification of the fines in a consignment of pellets. For example, the entire quantity of pellets in a bag shall be sampled in order to obtain a representative test sample. Due to the special provisions necessary regarding sampling for fines determination, the combined (raw) sample may end up being very large. The combined sample may be divided into one or more smaller test portions using a procedure for sample division in accordance with ISO 147803).
NOTE In bulk handling of large volumes of pellets, there is often a risk for stratification of materials in storage bins. There is also the risk of incremental variations of fines in volumes of pellets due to batch-wise operation during transportation with rail cars, trucks and ocean vessels.
The sieving shall be done in such a way that the fine particles are separated from the pellets but at the same time avoiding new fines being created. This is best achieved by 5 to 10 circular horizontal rotations of 0,5 kg of material in the sieve. If a sieve with a diameter other than 400 mm is used, the size of the sieved sub-portions (of the test portion) shall be adjusted to achieve the same degree of flling of the sieve.
After completing the sieving of all sub-portions of the test portion, weigh the total amount of material which passed through the sieve (the fines fraction) and weigh the total amount of material retained on the sieve (the coarse fraction).
The weighing of the fines fraction can be performed either by weighing the collecting pan with the fines fraction and subtracting the mass of the empty collecting pan, or the fines fraction can be transferred to a tared weighing container for determining the mass of the fraction.ISO 18846 pdf free download.

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