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ISO 18626:2017 pdf free

ISO 18626:2017 pdf free.Information and documentation – Interlibrary Loan Transactions
If a Request or a Message includes actions which cannot be processed by the local application at the supplying agency, the local application in the supplying agency or the requesting agency shall respond with the relevant Error code in the Confirmation Message.
Open Code data elements and their identifiers (URIs) are listed in B.2. Values for these data elements are specified in Table B.1. For instance, there are five values for the BillingMethod.
New data elements or data element values to existing data elements may be added as required by the implementers and users of the protocol. In order to foster adoption of these extensions to the document,an up to date version of the Open Code List shall be available at http://illtransactions.org/opencode.
Please note that existing implementations of the protocol are not likely to refer to the website to validate the use of Open Code data elements and their values in protocol messages. It is recommended that only the Open Code List in this annex is used for interoperability testing and application development purposes when dealing with the first time suppliers and other vendors who are not already thoroughly familiar with the document.
Usage of private extensions to the Open Code List (that is, specifying additional data elements and element values, but not adding them to the Open Code List maintained in the Web) is not recommended.But if such private extension to the protocol is necessary for purely application internal purposes, new URI should be assigned to the data element even if just a new data element value is assigned, since other applications may not be able to recognize the value. For instance, if a third BillingMethod value is specified locally, a new URI should be specified within that application for the extended BillingMetho’d data element. The application could then use the normal URI and BillingMethod values specified in the standard for communication with other, unextended ISO 18626 implementations.ISO 18626 pdf download.

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