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ISO 18603:2013 pdf free

ISO 18603:2013 pdf free.Packaging and the environment一Reuse
The concerned entity shall, for each of the packaging types placed on the market and at the earliest practicable stage, establish and record:
a) the intention with regard to the reusability of the packaging, giving due consideration to the particular circumstances in which reuse may occur;
b) that the design of the packaging enables the principal components to accomplish a number of trips or rotations in normally predictable conditions of use ;
c) that the packaging can be emptied/unloaded without significant damage, beyond that which can be viably repaired;
d) that the packaging can be reconditioned by proper method and to certain level may be required, the packaging maintaining its ability to perform its intended function and without risk to the health and safety of those responsible for doing so;
e) that any reconditioning process within his control is managed in a manner that takes into account its impact on the environment;
f) that any reconditioning process meets the essential relevant elements for that packaging defined in Annex B;
g) that the packaging can be refilled/reloaded without risk to the integrity of the product or to the health and safety of those responsible for doing so;
h) that a reuse system is available in those markets on to which the supplier is responsible for placing the packaged goods, so as to make reuse possible;
i) that the reuse system identified as appropriate, in the actual circumstances of use, comply with one of the specifications from Clause 6.
j) that the packaging no longer to be reused shall be recoverable in meeting the requirements of one or more of ISO 18604, ISO 18605 or ISO 18606 Annex C (normative) identifies the required content for the recording of responses and declaring the overall result of an assessment of meeting the requirements with this International Standard. Annex C also ilustrates a recommended format for its presentation.ISO 18603 pdf download.

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