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ISO 18466:2016 pdf free

ISO 18466:2016 pdf free.Stationary source emissions一Determination of the biogenic fraction in CO2 in stack gas using the balance method
The amount of air used for combustion is determined using a calculation including the measured flue gas flow and the combustion products (this is more precise than the regular measurement data available). For an average combustion air temperature (15 °C) and average relative humidity 70 %, the relationship between combustion air and flue gas flow is the following: Wet combustion air flow= 1,035 times the dry flue gas flow.
Metering of steam and feed-water shall be in accordance with industry best practice and undergo regular maintenance and periodic calibration.
The energy efficiency of the boiler is typically only measured at the guarantee test of the facility. This value can be used if no other and more recent value is available and if the following is ensured: al) the boiler is well maintained, b) the boiler is cleaned according to industry practice, and c) the boiler design is unchanged. If a measurement is not available, a total energy balance including all energy losses and a detailed flue gas loss calculation can be used to establish a boiler efficiency. The value used shall always be documented together with its source.
The required operating data from the Waste for Energy (WFE) plant (waste amount, amount of solid residues, volume of flue gas, 02 and CO2 content in the flue gas, steam production, steam pressure and temperature, temperature of the feed water) shall be routinely measured and recorded. As for the chemical composition of the organic matter, the data are reported as average values and the uncertainties in the measurements.
When the plant is in continuous operation and reporting for this period (e.g. a year) is conducted at least 80 % of the data points shall pass the plausibility testing for the results to represent the period. If this is not the case, only sub-periods that individually pass the 80 % requirement can be reported and they cannot be said to cover the full period.ISO 18466 pdf free.

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