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ISO 18426:2013 pdf free.Space data and information transfer systems – Spacecraft Onboard Interface Services
Resource Reservation uses a channel that defines the resources that are used to transmit the PDUs which provide the Memory Access Service. The channelisation is common across all SOIS subnetwork services. In the case of a READ operation, the channel specifies the reserved resources for the PDUs implementing the READ request as well as the return data product. Channel selection can be performed explicitly by the service user via a channel parameter in the service primitives or can be allocated by management on, for instance, a per-Memory Access Service Access Point (MASAP) basis.
The SOIS services are intended for use with protocols that operate solely within the confines of an onboard subnet. It is therefore assumed that SOIS services operate in an isolated environment which is protected from external threats. Any external communication is assumed to be protected by services associated with the relevant space-link protocols. The specification of such security services is outside the scope of this document.
The Memory Access service incorporates an authorisation facility. This protects specific memory locations from access by unauthorised users.
If confidentiality of data is required within a spacecraft it is assumed it is applied at the Application layer. More information regarding the choice of service and where it can be implemented can be found in reference [A2].
Potential threats and attack scenarios typically derive from external communication and are therefore not the direct concern of the SOIS services which make the assumption that the services operate within a safe and secure environment. It is assumed that all applications executing within the spacecraft have been thoroughly tested and cleared for use by the mission implementer. Confidentiality of applications can be provided by Application layer mechanisms or by specific implementation methods such as time and space partitioning.Such methods are outside the scope of SOIS.
The security services are outside the scope of this document and are expected to be applied at layers above or below those specified in this document. If confidentiality is not implemented,science data or other parameters transmitted within the spacecraft might be visible to other applications resident within the spacecraft, resulting in disclosure of sensitive or private information.ISO 18426 pdf download.

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