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ISO 18323:2015 pdf free

ISO 18323:2015 pdf free.Jewellery一Consumer confidence in the diamond industry
ISO 18323 specifies a set of permitted descriptors for the diamond industry and is specifically designed to be understood by the consumer. The Standard also includes a series of definitions which aim to provide further clarity for traders and maintain consumer confidence in the diamond industry as a whole.
This International Standard willcover the nomenclature to be used by those involved in the buying and slling of diamonds, treated diamonds, synthetic diamonds, composite diamonds and imitations of diamonds.
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
formed completely by nature without human intervention during the formation
mineral consisting essentially of carbon crystallised in the isometric cubic) crystal system, with a hardness on the Mohs’ scale of 10, a specific gravity of approximately 3,52 and a refractive index of approximately 2,42, created by nature
Note 1 to entry: The denomination“diamond” without further specification always implies “natural diamond”.These two terms are equivalent and carry the same meaning.
diamond (2.2) having undergone any human intervention other than cutting, polishing, cleaning and setting, to permanently or non-permanently change its appearance
artificial product that has essentially the same chemical composition, crystal structure and physical (including optical) properties as a diamond
Note 1 to entry: The English terms laboratory-created diamond or laboratory grown diamond may be used synonymously with synthetic diamond. Where there is no acceptable local direct translation of the English terms laboratory grown diamond or laboratory created diamond then only the translation of the term synthetic diamond should be used.
Note 2 to entry: Abbreviations such as ‘lab grown’, ‘lab created’“lab diamond” or ‘syn diamond’ shall not be used.
Note 3 to entry: The word “laboratory” refers to the facility which produces the synthetic diamonds. This should not to be confused with a gemmological laboratory that is dedicated to the analysis, authentication, identification,classification (grading) of diamonds.
It is contrary to the purposes of this document to make any misleading or deceptive statement,representation or illustration relating to origin, formation, production or condition of any diamond,treated diamond, synthetic diamond, imitation of diamond or composite diamond that does not conform in all respects with any and all the clauses contained herein, in their selling, marketing or distribution as defined in this International Standard.ISO 18323 pdf download.

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