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ISO 18322:2017 pdf free

ISO 18322:2017 pdf free.Space systems一General management requirements for space test centres
The space test centre shall define its organization and management structure, its place in the parent organization, and the relationships among management, technical operations, support services and the quality and safety management system.
The space test centre shall plan the following tasks:
a) the preparation of project and quality plans for critical processes;
b) the identification of controls, processes, equipment, fixtures, resources and skills;
c) the update of quality control, inspection and verification techniques, including the development of new instrumentation or complex facilities;
d) the development of their capability for any test requirements that exceed the current known state of the art;
e) the identification of standards for maintenance and calibration of items used by the space test centre;
f) the establishment and follow-up of rules to control conformity to requirements between design and acceptance of space test centre items;
g) the assessment of risks related to customer-supplied products and the applicable processes.
Competence, awareness and training
a) The space test centre shall specify and maintain job descriptions for managerial and technical personnel involved in the operations.
b) The space test centre shall identify the required competence and authorization to perform test processes and test facility related activities.
c) The space test centre shall identify the available competence and the training needs to reach the required competence and authorization.
d) The space test centre shall establish and implement criteria for managing the competences and the authorization to perform activities.
e) The identification of the competence and training objectives for the space test centre personnel shall be carried out on a periodic basis.
f) The identification of training needs shall include training for personnel being reassigned to jobs other than those for which they were originally trained.
g) The space test centre shall evaluate the effectiveness of the training performed.
h) Space test centre and customer personnel performing selected handling operations, lifting and hoisting operations shall be trained and authorized after competence verification. The space test centre shall maintain a list of authorized operators.ISO 18322 pdf download.

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