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ISO 18237:2017 pdf free

ISO 18237:2017 pdf free.Hydraulic fluid power – Method for evaluating water separation performance of dehydrators
The hydraulic fluid dehydrator is connected to the test rig containing a volume of test fluid that is related to the rated flow of the dehydrator. The dehydrator and a circulating pump are switched on and the test fluid temperature is raised to the test temperature of 50 °C. With the dehydrator isolated and the circulation pump on, a portion of the test fluid is contaminated to give a water concentration in the rig of 3 % by weight. The test fluid and water are emulsified using a water mixer and then added to the reservoir. Dehydration of the test fluid is initiated and samples of test fluid are regularly taken for water content analysis and the dry-up is monitored. The process continues until the moisture level is below 20 % of the test fluid saturation level. The test is carried out in an environment controlled to a temperature of between 22 °C and 25 °C and moisture content of (55±15) % relative humidity (RH).The performance of the dehydrator is based upon the time required to remove free and dissolved water expressed in a three-part code.
Water sensor (WS), of the thin-film capacitance type that is capable of detecting the relative water saturation level of the test fluid. The water sensor shall be installed through a port in a vertical section of the pipe work in the suction line to the pump.
Interconnecting pipe work, suitably sized to promote good mixing conditions and constructed such that dead zones or quiescent areas where water could settle out are eliminated. Mixing conditions are ensured when the Reynolds number (Re) is >3 000 in a multi-purpose rig; however, this might not be possible. In these cases, the pipe runs should be kept to a minimum and a mixer/valve interspersed where long pipe runs exist. The design of the reservoir and other test equipment should allow for easy draining of the system, including the installation of drain valves at the lowest points.
Water mixer, used in the preparation of the test contaminant and fitted with an emulsifying head.The size of the dispersion blade shall be suitable for the volume to be mixed.ISO 18237 pdf download.

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