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ISO 18095:2018 pdf free

ISO 18095:2018 pdf free.Condition monitoring and diagnostics of power transformers
The general process of implementing a condition-based maintenance programme is described in ISO 17359. This document provides more detailed examples and guidance on a range of techniques specifically applicable to the condition monitoring of transformers.
The main objective of condition monitoring is to know about the condition of equipment, to be forewarned of possible failures, and to be able to carry out appropriate maintenance tasks at the appropriate time, i.e. condition-based maintenance. Maintenance tasks are carried out to avoid or rectify failures, so the key to condition-based maintenance is to have an understanding of the failure modes that can affect the equipment, and the techniques that can be used to detect the early stages of those failure modes (potential failure) before functional failure. Specific failure modes affect specific components of the equipment, and certain detection techniques are more applicable to particular failure modes on particular components. Selecting the most appropriate condition monitoring regime therefore involves understanding the most applicable techniques to the particular components and failure modes involved. This can be represented in a three dimensional matrix, as shown in Figure 1 where the blue boxes indicate the area of applicability of particular techniques.
Dry-type transformers are used where the avoidance of fire risk and environmental contamination are important. Since they contain no dielectric fluids like oil, their contribution with calorific energy to the source of a fire is very limited. Dry-type transformers are self-extinguishing. They can be used in protected environments where a leakage of oil or other fluids must be avoided.
Typical applications of dry-type transformer are industries (oil and gas, metals and mining, etc),buildings (hospitals, airports, stadiums, large tower blocks, etc.), on- and off-shore applications (wind turbines, ships, platforms, etc.) and many more.
Currently dry-type transformers are available up to 63 MVA and voltage ratings up to 72,5 kV. They can also be installed with non-liquid insulated on-load tap changers.ISO 18095 pdf download.

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