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ISO 18091:2013 pdf free

ISO 18091:2013 pdf free.Quality management systems – Guidelines for the application of ISO 9001:2008 in local government
The purpose of documentation control is to ensure that all documents needed for the quality management system are kept up-to-date and are readily available for use by those who need them. In complying with the requirements, the local government should include:
a) control of external documents such as public policies, applicable legal documents, emergency procedures and others: these should be made available to the public as appropriate;
b) ready access to the documents for use by local government personnel, contractors and other interested parties, as necessary.
Most documents issued by local governments are public documents that increase the need for reliable document control for their own security. This can be done electronically, and should not generate undue bureaucracy. The documents can be provided in different media, such as paper, videos, pictures,electronic and electromagnetic media.
The documents used to define, manage and control the provision of the local government 7 products/services and projects should also be controlled (see 7.1). Documents issued internally should be reviewed, revised and approved for adequacy and conformity.
Responsibility for the effective implementation of the system lies throughout the entire local government,and should not be seen as the sole responsibility of the management representative. The management representative may need to be supported by a group of colleagues to ensure the effective implementation of the quality management system throughout the local government.
Top management of the local government should ensure that there are effective communication processes between organization levels and throughout the different areas and departments, in order to share information related to the performance of the local government and the effectiveness of its quality management system. These processes can be used to drive quality management system improvement activities (see 8.5).
The effectiveness of communication processes should be reviewed periodically.ISO 18091 pdf free download.

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