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ISO 18079-2:2018 pdf free

ISO 18079-2:2018 pdf free.Ships and marine technology一Servicing of inflatable life-saving appliances
Each life raft shall be subjected to the necessary additional pressure (NAP) test at yearly intervals after the tenth year of the life raft’s service life unless earlier servicing is deemed necessary as a result of visual inspection.
The life raft shall be removed from its container or valise and from its retaining straps, if fitted.
The life raft shall then be inflated using dry compressed air to a pressure at least equal to the working pressure, or to the pressure required by the manufacturer’s servicing manual, if higher.
After allowing sufficient time for the life raft to regain fabric tension at working pressure, then all pressure release valves shall be blocked. Blocking of pressure relief valves shall only be done using the equipment and methods prescribed by the manufacturer and care shall be taken as to not damage the valves.
The pressure shall then be gradually raised using dry compressed air to a pressure to the lesser of two times the working pressure or that sufficient to impose a tensile load on the inflatable tube fabric of at least 20 % of the minimum required tensile strength, i.e. NAP test pressure.
Canopy, aerial outlet, external lights and batteries, buoyancy tubes and floor fabric, righting system,stabilizing pockets, rain water collecting system, boarding ramp, entrance ladder, relief valves with stoppers, inflation hoses and fittings, markings, lifelines and fastening, bridle, safety knife with holder,
towing line.
Rescue quoit with line, lifeline and fastening, safety knife with holder, closure for canopy openings, canopy,marking/instructions, collection bags for rain water, rain water collecting system with plugs, buoyancy tubes and floor fabric, thwarts, fastening for emergency pack, internal lights and batteries, viewing ports,topping up valves, aerial support, radar transponder, radar transponder mounting arrangement, drainage arrangement, paddles, bellows, repair kit, sea-anchor with line, bailer, SART, EPIRB.
Drinking water, drinking cup, bailer, food rations, TPA, medicine kit, anti-seasickness tablets, parachute rockets, hand flares, smoke signals, signal lamp with whistle, spare batteries and bulb for signal lamp,fishing kit, sponges, tin opener, pair of scissors, seasickness bags, signalling mirror, life-saving signals,survival instruction.ISO 18079-2 pdf download.

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