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ISO 17672:2016 pdf free

ISO 17672:2016 pdf free.Brazing一Filler metals
This International Standard specifies the compositional ranges of a series of filler metals used for brazing. The fller metals are divided into seven classes, related to their composition, but not necessarily to the major element present.
NOTE 1 For the major element(s) present, see Annex A.
In the case of composite products, such as flux-coated rods, pastes or plastics tapes, this International Standard covers only the filler metal that forms parts of such products. The melting temperatures given in the tables are only approximate, as they necessarily vary within the compositional range of the filler metal. Therefore, they are given only for information. Technical delivery conditions are given for brazing filler metals and products containing brazing filler metals with other constituents such as flux and/or binders.
NOTE 2 For some applications, e.g. precious metal jewellery, aerospace and dental, filler metals other than those included in this International Standard are often used and these are covered by other International Standards to which reference can be made.
Chemical analyses shall be carried out by any suitable method, but it should be noted that in the case of many brazing alloys, the use of reference standards may be essential, as agreed between the purchaser and the supplier. Analysis is only required to be carried out routinely for those elements for which specific limits are shown. If, however, the presence of other elements is suspected or in the course of routine analysis is indicated to be in excess of the limits laid down for unnamed elements, or would bring the total of impurities above the specified limit, further analyses shall be carried out for such elements.
The form of the material shall be agreed between the purchaser and the manufacturer/supplier at the time of placing the order.
NOTE Brazing filler metals are available as rod, wire, foil (or preforms made from them) or powder, although not all filler metals are necessarily available in every type of product. They are also available as a constituent of brazing pastes or, particularly in the case of aluminium brazing filler metals, clad onto one or both sides of an alloy sheet. Rods can be completely or partially coated with flux.ISO 17672 pdf free.

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