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ISO 17463:2014 pdf free

ISO 17463:2014 pdf free.Paints and varnishes
The coating should be applied and cured in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation unless otherwise agreed upon between the parties involved. The film thickness should be as uniform as possible. The exact film thickness should be measured and reported (e.g. in accordance with ISO 2808).
Temperature and humidity control during the application, curing, conditioning and measurement of organic coatings is crucial for a proper determination of the coating resistance.
For reliable measurements, temperature control should be equal to or better than±1 °C. For conditioning prior to measurement, an accuracy of±2°C is sufficient for most cases. Each specimen should be kept under controlled conditions in order to prevent post-curing, degradation or any unintended irreversible modification of the coating.
The temperature of the specimens during measurements should be maintained constant to within±2 °C, preferably within±1 °C, at 23 °C, if not otherwise specified. Relative values for comparison between specimens outside these guidelines are acceptable if all the specimens are run under the same conditions.
When the coating capacitance is the main parameter of interest, control of relative humidity during specimen conditioning is very important. To ensure accurate conditioning, the humidity should be (50±5) % in accordance with ISO 3270, if not otherwise agreed.
Coatings are materials with certain inherent properties: holidays, inhomogeneous film thickness, and non-uniform distribution of pigments, fillers and other constituents. It is therefore necessary to test more than one panel. In most cases, a minimum of three replicate specimens is necessary for reliable results. It should be checked whether the uniformity between the different specimen plates is sufficient. It is quite common to find repeatability better than 10 % between the capacitance of replicate specimens, but it depends on the type of coating and the conditions of measurement. More replicates might be necessary to overcome uniformity problems.
Such checks should be the responsibility of the operator and should also be agreed between the parties  involved.ISO 17463 pdf download.

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