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ISO 17440:2014 pdf free

ISO 17440:2014 pdf free.Cranes – General design – Limit states and proof of competence of forged steel hooks
The whole machined section of the shank shall have a radius at each change in diameter. The machined section shall not reach the curved part of the forged body.
Screwed threads shall conform to the tolerance requirements of ISO 965-1 (coarse series) and be of medium fit class 6g.
NOTE Annex G presents example sets of machined shank and thread dimensions, which fulfil the geometric requirements. Other hook shank and thread designs differing from those shown within Annex G can be utilized and technically assessed to the requirements of this standard, provided dimensional parameters fulfil the requirements of this clause. Furthermore, it is expected that other hook shank and thread designs in addition to those currently shown can and will be put forward for inclusion as national groups within Annex G in the future.The material grade of the nut shall be equal to that of the hook The height of the nut shall be such that the threaded length of the hook shank is fully engaged with the nut thread.
The nut shall be positively locked to the shank against rotation to prevent the nut from unscrewing.The locking shall not interfere with the lower two thirds of the nut/shank thread connection. The locking shall allow relative axial movement between the shank and the nut due to play in the threaded connection. Alternatively, if the nut is locked by a dowel or other similar fixing media, it is essential during the locking process that the nut/shank load bearing thread flanks are in direct contact to ensure resultant unimpaired load transmission.
The nut shall rest on an anti-friction bearing, enabling the hook body to rotate about the vertical axis.The contact surface of the nut resting on the bearing shall meet the requirements as stipulated by the related bearing. The height position of the contact surface shall fall within the lower half of the thread connection.
Screwed threads of the nut shall comply with the tolerance requirements of ISO 965-1 (coarse series) and be of medium fit class 6H. The bottom radius of the thread profile for the nut shall be not less than 0,07 p, where p is the pitch of the thread. A thread type, where the bottom radius is not specified, shall not be used.ISO 17440 pdf download.

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