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ISO 17419:2018 pdf free

ISO 17419:2018 pdf free.Intelligent transport systems – Cooperative systems – Globally unique identification
These functional blocks are assumed to interact with each other within a BSMD. Implementation and maintenance of these functional blocks in a standards conformant manner creates ITS-SUS and ITS-SCUs that can be trusted to operate according to the policies and procedures assigned to them by trusted authorities. It is precisely the attribute of trust within the ItS domain that distinguishes ITS-SUs Bounded Secured Managed Entities (BSMEs) from all other communication nodes. As a managed domain, elements of the ITS-S need to be aware of and interact with the ITS-S management entity. As a secured domain, installation (e.g.“plug and-play”) of an element of an ITS-S such as an ITS-S application,communication interface, or a communication protocol shall be performed in a controlled and secure manner, applying the procedures for registration of identifiers of ITS-S objects and the authentication of registered elements at time of installation.
ITS-S applications interact with the “Communications” block via an “Application Programming Interface” (API). This interaction may address either protocols in the ITS-S facilities layer of the data plane, or protocols in the ITS-S management entity or ITS-S security entity.
ITS-S access and ITS-S networking and transport layers are used by ITS-S facilities layer services and ITS-S applications to transmit and receive ITS-NTSDUs as described in ISO 21217:2014.
A specific combination of an ITS-S networking and transport layer protocol (residing in an instantiation of the ITS-S networking and transport layer), a “Communication Interface” (CI) (residing in an instantiation of the ITS-S access layer), an ITS-S facilities layer protocols (optional) and related necessary management and security protocols (optional) is referred to as an ITS-S communication protocol stack specified in ISO 17423[2]. An ITS-S communication profile, which is a parameterized ITS-S communication protocol stack specified in ISO 17423[2] is associated with a communication path specified in ISO 24102-6[14]. An ITS-S application process may use more than one ITS-S communication profile, e.g. one ITS-S communication profile for each of its distinct communication sources (flows). Further details on the automatic selection of ITS-S communication profiles are found in ISO 17423[2].ISO 17419 pdf download.

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