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ISO 1709:2018 pdf free

ISO 1709:2018 pdf free.Nuclear energy – Fissile materials
The early recognition of the special hazards associated with fissile materials has led to the application of formal control practices based on principles of nuclear criticality safety. Diligent and conscientious application of these principles has produced an accident record which compares favourably with common industrial accidents. Continuation and improvement of this generally favourable record should have the cooperation of all those involved in operations.
Operational responsibility for nuclear criticality safety shall be clearly defined and shall belong to operations management throughout the normal chain of command.
Safety shall, to a practicable extent, be taken into account when designing operating equipment, for example, by restrictions on vessel geometry. The early incorporation of nuclear criticality safety considerations into plant and equipment design provides economic benefits. Process and equipment design identified as important for nuclear criticality safety may require approval by the appropriate nuclear criticality safety authority.
A nuclear criticality safety assessment is required for all operations and facilities under the Scope unless it can be shown it is not required through reasons of quantity and/or form of fissile material. Such reasoning shall include consideration of all credible abnormal conditions. The reasoning may be based on comparison with established criteria (for example safely subcritical mass or enrichment of fissile material).
The nuclear criticality safety assessment shall consider all normal and credible abnormal conditions. Process management shall assist in determining such abnormal conditions. The process shall be required to remain subcritical with an appropriate margin under such conditions, but it should be recognized that additional assessment may be required before attempting to recover from the abnormal condition.
Written procedures shall govern all operations involving fissile material in excess of those threshold quantities requiring nuclear criticality safety assessment. Copies of applicable written procedures should be posted up or available in operating areas.
The assessment of criticality safety aspects of written procedures shall be performed by persons skilled and familiar with nuclear criticality safety practices and processing operations. These persons should, to a practicable extent, be administratively independent of operations.
Processing violations and unusual occurrences shall be reported, analysed, and considered for possible improvements in nuclear criticality safety practices.ISO 1709 pdf download.

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