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ISO 16857:2013 pdf free

ISO 16857:2013 pdf free.Ships and marine technology一Loose gear of lifting appliances on ships一Shackles
When the design temperature of lifting appliances on ships is below -10°C, the impact energy test temperature of shackle materials shall satisfy the requirements of related certification organizations,such as classification societies.
Shackle bodies need to be forged with seamless solid blanks, and two pinholes shall be coaxial and concentric with two outsides of eyes; pins shall be cut from bars, and machined after forging.
Heat treatment shall be made after shackle forging to achieve the properties specified in 5.1, with no more than three times of heat treatment.
The surface of shackles shall be smooth and clean, without any defect such as burrs, cracks, folding, and burning.
Shoulders or heads of pins (Type W and Type Y) after assembly shall fit into the bodies. When thread pins are screwed up, visible residual threads between dimensions of shackles (W) shall not be more than 1 pitch. After the correct assembly of pins, in no case shall the inner width (W) of the bodies be obviously reduced.
After proof testing, each shackle shall be thoroughly examined for deformation, cracks, or other defects and to ensure that its rotating parts can rotate freely. Increment of the body length (S) or length increment measured from the mark between the crown and pin shall not exceed 0,25 % thereof or 0,5mm, whichever is greater.
When shackles of various specifications are manufactured for the first time or upon the request of related organizations, such as classification societies, static strength tests shall be carried out for shackles,the ultimate strength load during the test is four times the safe working load. After 5 min of the static strength test, shackles shall not break or deform to the extent that they lose the bearing capacity.
Inspection shall be made after the production of shackles, to ensure that surface and internal quality satisfies the requirements in 5.3 and the requirements in 5.4.2 after the test.
For shackles that pass the test, the manufacturer shall provide technical documents such as certifications.
For other shackles (type or SWL, materials), strength shall be calculated during the design and the result should meet the test requirements in 5.4.3. Commercially available forged shackles that meet industry standards in terms of SWL, design factor, forging reduction, heat treatment, bolt threading, testing, and inspection are acceptable as agreed upon by the supplier and the purchaser.ISO 16857 pdf download.

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