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ISO 16645:2016 pdf free

ISO 16645:2016 pdf free.Radiological protection一Medical electron accelerators一Requirements and recommendations for shielding design and evaluation
To ensure that the facility is built according to the intent of the licensee, the contract between the architectural firm and general contractor should specify the following responsibilities.
The architectural firm is responsible for researching the existing structure (if any). This includes providing information on the existing and planned usage of the space around the linear accelerator.The architect shall also prepare drawings that accurately show the installed linear accelerator location,along with the location and nature of the shielding surrounding the linear accelerator. The architectural firm is also responsible to review the shielding evaluation report to ensure the shielding described in that report is incorporated into the design. In some cases, some or the entire role of the architect may be performed by a general contractor or a shielding vendor.
The general contractor has responsibility to ensure the facility is constructed with shielding that is consistent with the shielding evaluation report. The general contractor shall also ensure that the radiation protection officer or qualified expert has accurate drawings and other relevant information needed to have an accurate understanding of the structure. The general contractor has the responsibility to coordinate with the radiation protection officer or qualified expert any situation arising during construction that may compromise the shielding. In particular, shielding for locations where structural constraints exist shall be coordinated between stakeholders.
The radiation protection officer or qualified expert for the electron accelerator installation shall provide, in closed collaboration with the other stakeholders (medical physicist, radiation oncolgists…detailed documents containing the specifications essential for construction and the intended operation.The shielding plan should use conservative shielding assumptions to reach the facility’s shielding goal although these shielding assumptions also should be realistic.
The radiation protection officer or qualified expert should provide a shielding evaluation report that demonstrates the barriers in the structure (material type, thickness, and location) provide adequate protection for the staff and general public. A clear statement of all assumptions used to generate the shielding design shall be included in the report. He shall ensure that a radiation survey after machine installation is performed and that a report is provided demonstrating the dose rate outside the structure housing the linear accelerator is suitable for occupancy by the staff and, for locations with uncontrolled access, the general public.ISO 16645 pdf free.

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