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ISO 16642:2017 pdf free

ISO 16642:2017 pdf free.Computer applications in terminology – Terminological markup framework
Information units can be basic or compound. A basic information unit encapsulates information that can be expressed by means of a single data category. A compound information unit encapsulates information that is expressed by means of several grouped data categories that, taken together, express a coherent unit of information. For instance, a compound information unit can be used to represent the fact that a transaction can be a combination of a transaction type (such as modification), the person who performed it, and the date when it was performed.
The terminological metamodel is based on guidelines concerning the methods and principles of terminology management as described in ISO 704. One of the most important characteristics of a terminological entry, compared to a lexicographical entry, is its concept orientation. A terminological entry treats one concept in a given language and, in the case of multilingual terminological entries,one or more totally or partially equivalent concepts in one or more other languages, whereas a lexicographical entry contains one lemma (the base form of a lexical unit) and one or more definitions (representing different meanings) in one or more languages.
Note that some concepts are not universal in that they present slight differences in different languages or cultures. These differences may be significant enough to declare that they form different and distinct concepts. Depending on the degree of conceptual difference and similarity, it may be decided to describe these concepts in the same entry or in different entries.
The degree of interoperability between two TMLs can be determined by comparing their specifications[combination of the metamodel and their DCS]. TMLs that are structured in compliance with the metamodel described in this document and that use the same DCS are said to be interoperable, that is,it will be possible to convert data from one TML to the other TML and back without loss of information.
If the DCS of one TML is a subset of the DCS of the other TML, it will be possible to convert data from the former to the latter, but not the reverse.ISO 16642 pdf free download.

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